4 Scary Truths About Information Products

Last night I got the Amazon delivery for Colten, our 2-year old’s Halloween costume.

I wish I could say it was scary, but he’s just going as a firefighter.

Fire Truck are his 2 favorite words right now. At his birthday party a few weeks ago he called for the fire truck to blow out the candles on his cake, for fear that the fire on the candle was going to burn the party down to the ground.

And thus, here we are. What you have below is epic-ally long. Proceed only if you want to improve your income, your happiness with the work you do and the live you think is waiting for you on the other side…

Today I wanted to talk to you about 4 scary truths about creating information products and being in the information business.

It is a scary world out there. There are a lot of scary people selling scary products with scary promises and getting ghost like results.

And there are great products I keep seeing that have more dust on them than in an ancient haunted house.

Scary Truth #1 – It’s not about your product.

This is scary. And it’s even more scary if you have been putting weeks, months or years into “perfecting” your product, never letting it see the light of day.

This business isn’t about a perfect product. It’s about framing a perfect transformation in the minds of your market.

It’s about getting them to buy into you and your ability to help them make that transformation.

Think about the last few people you have bought products from…

I bet they are all personalities.

Brian Tracy, Frank Kern, Dan Kennedy, Brandon Burchard, Ryan Diess, Tony Robbins. I could go on and on and on.

We buy products from them, not because they are perfect products, but because we believe in them as the person that can help us get the result we want.

Shoot, Dan’s products sell for thousands of dollars, including one that I made for him, and they are essentially unedited transcripts and photocopied, hand-written notes. I have products from Dan that were recorded at Live

Events and they never turned the mic off, nor edited out the bathroom breaks and there is 15 minutes of static before everyone gets back in their seats.

But the product is the best product on that given topic because I believe in Dan and what he is teaching me.

Scary Truth #2 – You Can’t Grow A Real Business For Free

This one hurts. I know it does. The allure of free traffic, or just finding Joint Venture traffic or blog a bunch and they will come is incredibly appealing.

But it’s just not true.

You do need to spend money to design your product cover, and I’m not talking about Fiverr.
You do need to spend money on a copywriter if you can’t write effective copy yourself.
You do need to spend money on a good website and product delivery platform

And here is the biggie….

To make real money in this business you need to spend money on marketing.

You need to spend money on generating QUALIFIED leads, you need to spend money in marketing to them after they come into your funnel (maybe even send them a sales letter in the mail, GASP!) and then you need to spend money on your clients and customers once they come into the door (a newsletter is a good start).

I have just built, in the last month a brand new, from scratch 6-figure information business in the financial market.

I spent money on a full-page magazine ad, drove traffic to a free report and put them into a 3-video sequence selling a very high ticket done for you information system.

We then researched, by hand, everyone of the opt-ins, by hand and found most of their addresses and mailed them all a sales letter and the replay of the 3rd video (the sales video).

I then delivered the product by mail, in a big, colorful 3-ring binder.

I also send them a print newsletter that is about $10 in cost as well as a “surprise” package of goodies they weren’t expecting.

And you can do this too.

Instead of buying another $2,000 course – BUY an ad. BUY some traffic.

I love hearing from folks on consulting calls that they have no money to buy even $10/day in Facebook ads but they will happily buy the next “cool kids” product for $2,000.

Invest money in acquiring customers and keeping customers and you will never have a scary encounter come rent check time.

Scary Truth #3 – You Need To Write (A Lot)

If you are afraid of putting in the work, of tying your boots and firing up Microsoft Word (or Evernote, where I write everything from emails to sales letters to video scripts), then you are in the wrong business.

This is the information business. It is your sole purpose to create and sell information.

And to build a real career in this business, you need to write to your market and write to them a lot.

You need to create deep, emotional relationships with your market.

They might buy once for a quick hit or they need something now, but they will only stay with you and buy from you over time if you have a true relationship with them. If they feel like they know you.

You can only get this done through writing. It’s why a client/customer newsletter is key. Nothing builds a relationship better than a print newsletter.

  • It’s also in email copy.
  • In webinar scripts.
  • In sales videos that you should be scripting.
  • In order forms.
  • In thank you pages.
  • In special reports.
  • And on and on and on.

Every month, for just 1 of my info businesses, I am writing or delivering:

  • A 12-page client newsletter
  • A 7-20 page supplemental newsletter
  • 2 scripted and outlined 60-minute live coaching videos
  • Weekly client emails about updates in their program
  • 2 sales webinars
  • 3 emails promoting each webinar and 3 emails providing replays for each webinar (12 emails just for webinars)
  • 1 special report (reports go lame like everything else…and if they didn’t want one report, give em another report)
  • 1 new sales video that is a demo of what the new product looks like

This is not bragging. This is work. This is sustainability. This is what not only keeps the lights on, but gives me the most freeing lifestyle.

Start learning to write, or this business will eat you alive.

Scary Truth #4 – What You Are Really Selling Is You

This goes hand in hand with #1. But you are not selling products or services or whatever thing you think you are selling.

You are really selling yourself. You are in, what Gary Halbert calls, the self-agrandizement business.

You must be front and center in your business. Every great information publisher and marketer is a persona, a character.

Look at the list from above, nearly all of you know them, get emails from them and could recognize them in a crowd. They are celebrities in their world. Not to the whole world, just the world that they want to own.

You must do the same.

You cannot hide behind a character. It’s too easy to slam you or give bad reviews with social media today. You must get in front of the camera and be the point person running your business and getting the results your customers want.

If you don’t, you’ll be out of business real fast.

These are 4 scary truths about this business.

It’s not what you wanted to hear. You wanted to hear that it’s all 4-hour workweeks and hitting send with a templated email and having money shoot out of your CD-ROM drive (do they still have those?).

If I haven’t scared you away yet, I want to help you.

And I have 3 things for you today that you are going to want to stick around to learn more about and yes, invest in.

This year I have done some incredible things in the information world, even though I haven’t really been front and center in the information guru land.

Greg Rollett, Dave Dee, Nick Nanton and Dan Kennedy on the live set of Day With Dan

On the set of the Living Legends live Day With Dan

In the last 6 months alone…

  • I’ve created a product for, structured the launch of and wrote copy on behalf of my mentor and legend Dan Kennedy that has gone on to sell multiple 6-figures worth of product.
  • I’ve created an info product for a former NBA star that played side by side with Michael Jordan during one of his championship seasons.
  • I’ve been interviewed by Brian Tracy on establishing trust in a world that doesn’t want to trust you.
  • I’ve shared the stage with Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank fame, Dr. Nido Qubein, Brian Tracy, Dan Sullivan, Lisa Sasavich, Peter Diamandis, Nick Nanton and others and hosted 2 TV Shows – Times Square Today and Hollywood Live.
  • I’ve helped build multiple, from scratch 6-figure and growing info businesses for clients that had never even dipped their toes into this world.
  • Just this Tuesday, I hosted a special 2-hour Live Video Broadcast with Dan Kennedy (quite possibly the first time the guy ever used Skype) to launch a brand new niche info marketing business.
  • I’ve even built 2 new 6-figure info-marketing product suites of my own, using a done for you info services model.

This is not bragging. This is to show you that I know how to create info marketing superstars.

And today, for the first time in months, I want to take you behind the scenes with me.

The first piece is a 4-module training program on creating and launching Big Ticket Information Products.

It’s called the Backstage Pass: Living Legends Edition.

In it, you will see exactly how we created a product for the Godfather of information marketing, Dan Kennedy, that we sold at $1,997 and made the cash registers ring in the tune of multiple 6-figures in revenue.

But you don’t just see how to create a product. You get to see how we positioned it, how we screwed the whole thing up, how we rebounded, how we marketed it and how we sold it.

You get all the launch videos, all the email copy, the sequences, the landing pages and everything else that went into this monster 6-figure launch.

In module 1 you get to see behind the scenes on how we created the product and it directly relates to Scary Truth #1 above. You’ll get a walk through on what’s inside, how we pulled it off and how to position what seems like ordinary information into a Big Ticket price tag.

In module 2 you get to see the entire pre-launch marketing strategy. You get to see the funnel, the landing pages, the email copy that drove more than 2,200 leads and hear me explain how and why we did everything so you can copy it for your own success.

In module 3 you get to see how we sold it. From the sales video to the Live Streams, the cart open and the cart close emails – you will see how we sold a product for $1,997 and shipped them out in droves. You will also get access to the 4-hour Live Day With Dan, that we filmed in Cleveland, OH. The only other place you could have seen this is if you own the product or were there live. No replay has ever been shown. SOme have said this training was better than the product itself and it’s yours today.

In module 4 you get something I have actually, never done before – teach copywriting. You’ll get my secret formula for writing personality driven copy that my clients have paid up to $103,000 per year to get their hands on. You’ll get headline checklists, email copywriting tips, direct mail copywriting tips and quick-cut shortcuts that have taken me years and thousands upon thousands of dollars of testing to figure out.

And this is just 1 of 3 things I want you to have this Halloween.

Thing #2 is my client and off the market newsletter, the Backstage Pass. I want to give you 6 back issues that I’ve only ever sold publicly once at $77/mo, have gotten.

Each issue is a look into how I think about marketing and also includes a backstage pass into copy that I have written for myself or clients that have produced huge windfalls of sales.

You’ll get them to read, download, print, highlight and implement as part of my Halloween Candy Package for you today.

Finally, thing #3. You get me. For 30-minutes. On the phone. One-on-one.

This is a no frills call with me to give you a gut check and a strategy to build your information business.

Let me be clear, this is not a sales pitch in disguise. It is me helping you, building a plan like the one I put together for Dan, like the one I’ve shared with my NBA star client, like the plans my clients pay $24,000/year or more to get.

You can right now but a 1/2 day of my time for $3,000. Or you can get 30 minutes for nothing when you invest in this Halloween package today.

I want you to win. I want you to overcome the scary truths I have laid out for you today and put forth your best work. The work you care about. The work that can change lives.

And sell it. Make a great living by helping others.

So here is the deal.

It’s Thursday, the day before Halloween.

I am going to keep the shopping cart open through Sunday. Probably Sunday afternoon. It won’t be late Sunday because my 2 little guys make me go to sleep early these days.

Why close the cart at all?

It’s simple. I want you to make a decision. I want you to really truly want this. To want what’s possible by selling your information, your skills and knowledge to help others.

If you are serious, there is nothing to think about.

This material will help you to fast track your success in this industry. It will help you to quickly create and launch a high ticket product and not just keep thinking about it.

Hopping on the phone with me will motivate you to GET IT DONE.

And if you cannot make that decision in 3.5 days, you probably don’t want it that bad.

So what’s the investment?

It’s $397.

One time.

You are reading the sales letter. There is no elaborate video or fancy graphics to entice you.

If you want to see how I do it, did and keep doing it, this is the program for you.

Click here to signup now.

Enroll now and you will get near immediate access (I have to manually enter you into Kajabi, since I am doing this on the fly).

I know you are going to love the content and the training. More importantly, you are going to take the templates, the blueprint, the emails, the copy and JUST DO IT.

You can consider this a launch. Sure. And I am following the scary truths from above.

1. It’s not about the product, it’s about the transformation. I didn’t even tell you how the course was delivered, I just want you to know that after going through it you’ll have every ability to create and market a high ticket product.

2. It’s about self-agrandizement. You are seeing what I did, what my team and partners did to make money and you are seeing a demonstration of my magic powers in this longer-than-anythingyou’ve-read-this-week email. But you are still reading, aren’t you. Which is also #3

3. And I’ve spend good money to build this email list that you are on. You must have done something right to get on this list. And you must like something I have to say to still be on it.

So that’s it. Join me. I think you’ll love it.

If you want in, click here now.

You can see the 3 things you are investing in on that link. No fancy copy, in fact it’s terrible and dull, just a list of 3 features.

I do hope that you join me and that I can be the one to help you launch your product, course, training or complete information business.

Have a very Happy Halloween and talk soon,

Greg Rollett

P.S. I always love Frank Kern’s P.S. writing. So much better than everyone else.

A P.S. is very important as people tend to skip down to it and get the Cliff’s Notes about what you want them to know. I’m going to break that rule. If you want to know the 4 Scary Truths and a solution to them, read the long email.

I’ll take some P.S. time to say thanks. Thanks for being a subscriber. Thanks for reading. Thanks for wanting to change your life, the life of someone else and your financial situation.

I can’t think of anything cooler to do than to create something that will impact the lives of others. Good for you for doing it. If you aren’t doing that, you should. Beats the heck out of working in a cubicle, with a boss that stresses you out, where you make bad eating decisions and go home grumpy.

I prefer to write a bunch of words, pound the keys and inspire folks.

Anyhoo, go read this longer than it needs to be email and join me on a really cool journey. You’ll love being a part of this from the inside.

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