ProductProcast Episode 5 – 5 Product Creation Secrets

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Greg Rollett at NSA 2013 In PhiladelphiaIn this episode of the ProductProcast I am going solo! This episode was actually recorded in my hotel room in Philadelphia during the 2013 National Speakers Association‘s annual conference. I was out there along with the ProductPros team exhibiting and speaking at the event.

During my time there I got to hang with some incredible people, meet old friends and make some new ones. We even found ourselves shutting down a Supper Club, signing K-Ci and Jojo along with what only could be described as Glee with Steaks!

There was even an early evening with entrepreneurs Chris Ducker and Ashley Ambirge, 2 people that I admire and have incredible businesses you should check out. They both will be joining us on a future episode soon. You can see a nice shot of us below.

Greg Rollett, Ashley Ambirge and Chris Ducker at NSA

Now to business!

At the event I was asked to present on ways that speakers could create information products to increase their revenues and grow their business when they were not speaking. I decided that I wanted to get right down to business and give them the best content I had in a relatively short period of time. I only have 15 minutes and in that 15 minutes I shared “The 5 Ways To Package, Produce and Profit From Your Information.”

After I got back to the room that night I thought it would be a great Podcast for those just getting started with their information businesses so I did what any overtired, sleep deprived entrepreneur would do – I broke out the mic and got it done (there is a lesson in there for another time and another place).

So please, enjoy the episode and if you got anything useful, I do encourage you to share the episode with others or leave us a review on iTunes.

See you next week where I bring to you the incredible Justin Brooke on the ProductProcast!


P.S. If you would like to learn more about developing your own information products, and have me and my team create your InfoProductBlueprint, check out this special offer I am still running from the NSA Conference!

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