Clients Taking Action With Facebook Ads

I just love the feeling of clients taking action. Today while browsing through Facebook (it’s a time management technique), I came across an ad for a product that looked really familiar.

The ad was for a product that I created with Paul Streitz and Brian Tracy called “Shock And Awe Success.”

You can see the image below:

In the ad, Paul is sending the viewer to a landing page built inside of Facebook, where they can signup for a free video that was shot on the set of the Brian Tracy Show.

Check out the Facebook landing page below:

Paul then has an immediate upsell into the program with Brian. This is a great marketing strategy and should be a good way for Paul to build his list and sell some products in the process.

To see Paul’s product and take advantage of his launch price for Shock And Awe Success, head on over to the sales page now.

Great work Paul!


P.S. If you would like to co-author a product with Brian Tracy, you can learn more and apply today by watching this quick video.

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