The ProductPros Spotlight Is On Craig Koniver

Organic Living Product by Craig Koniver

January is the perfect time to launch a new program that aims to improve someone’s life, health or finances.

Think about it…

At the end of the year we traditionally reflect on the previous 12 months and think about all the regrets we had and all the unchecked items on our “we want to do that” list.

This rings especially true when it comes to dieting, losing weight and having more money in our bank account.

And this month I want to talk to you about ProductPros client Dr. Craig Koniver who took full advantage of this opportunity and launched his Break Free, Real Health program in Decenber.

Break Free, Real Health is a monthly membership and community for people looking to live a more natural and healthy lifestyle and are sick of mainstream conventional medicine, over processed food and mainstream media lies.

This is a great angle that plays into the story theme of “us vs. them” and Dr. K can really back up the facts as an actual practicing doctor in North Carolina.

I asked Dr. K why he creates this program after it latched and he had this to say,

I can only see so many patients in one day and with the large amount of time I like to spend with patients, it becomes difficult to impact that many people. By providing this membership site, I can create an interactive community where members have access to all of the content (videos, audio, action guides, resources) that I create as well as to me personally through the private forum.”

When Dr. K launched his program he had already began building his mailing list and had cultivated a tribe of happy patients that see him live in his office. This allowed Dr K to receive both immediate sales and feedback for his program.

When we came in to help Dr K with Break Free, Real Health he already had all the topics, ideas, research and expertise he needed to make an impact on his market. We helped him to decide the business model, the order that the content is delivered, helped with recording, editing and the creation of manuals and action guides that made his content actionable for his members. This is going to get his members to stick longer and become raving fans for Craig and his brand.

Craig had this to say about the ProductPros process,

Greg has been amazing at helping to turn my ideas into the actual membership site. This includes brainstorming about what the content should be as well as the actual building of the membership site and assistance with the content generation.

Dr K knows his market really well. He knows their fears, their problems and also their aspirations to live healthier and natural. He has turned this into his focus by stating,

“My goals are to be a real health leader. To get people thinking outside the box without having to sell them a product. I want people to know that they can be abundantly healthy by making active food, exercise and thought choices. Health (and life) are truly about what you focus on. And I want my members to retrain themselves to literally focus on their positive health.”

You can check out the Break Free, Real Health Membership by heading over to – now and watching his sales video.

As you work through the New Year, think about the ways that you can share your expertise with the world to help scale your time, impact more people and leave your mark on the world.

To request your own free product consultation to see how you can turn your information into profits, contact Greg Rollett, the ProductPro, at or call 800.980.1626 today.

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