Creating Stories About Your Product Journey

I found this video today from Mind Valley and Chris Haddad about how we finds the story behind the products that can be used in the sales process.

People only care so much about your product, and it’s usually less than you think. The thing that they really care about is the story and the journey that you took to get to where you are.

In a recent Dan Kennedy program I was going through he beat it through the head of the attendees that marketing is never about the product. People don’t want to buy another weight loss product. They want to buy the aspiration that they have to lose weight.

The reason people keep buying books, products and program is basic human nature. We want to improve. We are optimistic people at heart. Think about the guy (or gal) that gets remarried 2, 3 or 4 times in their life. They are optimistic that the new spouse is “the one.”

Think about all the people playing the lottery or Power Ball every week.

Now think about the story that you have to tell about your product. How did you get there? What aspirations did you have to get to the successful place that you are now? That story will help you connect to and relate to your audience and thus sell more of your products.

Enjoy the quick video and let me know what story you can tell about your product below.

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