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Today, Greg was featured alongside other leading members of the Young Entrepreneur Council on in a spread about creating great business videos.

You can see the post here and below you can see what advice Greg gave for the piece.

Greg Rollett on

The first time I tried to shoot myself on video was not pretty, but it was profitable. I used a precursor to the Flip Camera, put it on a bar stool with some books stacked up to make a tripod and nailed some whiteboards into my wall. The result was a four-video product that still sells to this day. The point is not to let technology stop you, but rather create a story worth listening to.

The product Greg is speaking of is the New Music Economy, a 4 video training program he created for independent musicians to help them learn about marketing and cultivating a fan base.

If you are looking to add a video product to your business, check out Greg talking about how he can help you put it all together in this quick video he shot just for you.

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