3 Things Learned From Interviewing A Legend

Today I wanted to share a quick video on three big lessons that I learned from interviewing a legend in our industry, Brian Tracy.

In the video I share 3 big keys that I took from our 90 minutes in front of a camera together and share how you can apply them into your business, life or other opportunities that present themselves to you.

In the video I mention two opportunities to become involved with that interview and product that we created with Brian.

1. Co-Create This Product With Brian And I

After finishing the project we wanted to involve some of our best clients and customers in this process and allow them to see how powerful this project can be for their own business. The result is an opportunity to co-create a product with the legendary Brian Tracy. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and the best part is that we will be doing most of the work for you!

We will be working together to create 3 brand new training modules that compliment the things that Brian taught in his 3 modules. I will work with you to create this framework, the outline and the interview questions. Then we will record everything together. Our team at the ProductPros will edit everything, and package it so that you have a complete 6-module program starring you and Brian.

If you are interested in learning more about this invite-only opportunity, please send an email to greg@productprosystems.com right away to schedule a no obligation consultation to see how you can use this product in your business.

A sample product from this series can be see on Thom Garlock’s website here, called The Ultimate Guide To Creating Wealth In Your Self-Directed Retirement Plan.

Again, please send an email to greg@productprosystems.com to learn more about this opportunity.

2. Generational Business Success

After we finished the interview, we packaged everything together and put together a physical version of the product for you to purchase. It is about 80 minutes of footage on business and success from one generation to another. From the marketing and the message, technology to economy, this product is a wealth of information for any entrepreneur, expert or small business owner looking to improve their business and their personal success today.

Click here to learn more about the product, and get one shipped to your home today.

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