ProductProcast Episode 8 – Jess Todtfeld

  • Have you ever found yourself frozen behind the lens of a camera?
  • Have you made a habit of robotically reciting words from a cue card during important interviews?

Jess Todtfeld - Media TrainerJoin us this week on The ProductProCast as Greg invites trusted media expert and President of Success and Media, Inc., Jess Todtfeld, to share his expertise on putting your best face forward in media. Todd is THE go-to guy for media and business communication training. Having been featured on The Daily Show, NBC, CBS and FOX, Todd uses his experiences to show YOU how to take your business to the next level through media. You don’t want to miss this exciting interview that will help make a big impression in the media.

In this episode, you’ll gain inside info on how to:

  • Make a powerful impact on your audience through interviews and media
  • Be your authentic self behind the mic to make a powerful impression
  • Use stories to add value to your audience
  • Be confident and natural behind the lens of a camera

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