Kentucky Derby With Dan Kennedy

Greg Rollett, Nick Nanton and Dan Kennedy at 2012 Kentucky Derby

Just got back into Orlando after spending 5 great days in Cincinnati, OH and Louisville, KY with some of our great clients as part of the Dicks + Nanton Celebrity Mastermind Weekend.

After 2 days in the classroom, we kicked off our shoes (well, actually we got pretty jazzed up) and spent Satursday at the 138th running of the Kentucky Derby.

It was a blast and there were some great stories and a few bets going around during the day. I also got to spend some time with special guest Dan Kennedy, a legend in the direct response and information marketing business. He shared some game changing thoughts with myself and the group and I will be highlighting them in the next issue of the Info Society Newsletter (you can subscribe here if you are not currently a member).

One of the biggest things I have learned from Dan is that if you want something that most people don’t have, you have to do what most others won’t do. It is so true and it starts with your midset and the choices you make as an entrepreneur, down to your products, services and marketing.

It is something we are getting excited about here at the ProductPros as we explore a new chapter in our own business this year.

That means great things for you guys!

In the meantime, hope you like the pictures so far and be sure to check out the ProductPros on Facebook for more images and insight from the Derby.


P.S. Tomorrow night (Wednesday, May 9th) I am hosting a live training webinar about the power of Celebrity Association and how you can co-create a product with a good friend of mine, Brian Tracy.

You can see a quick little video and register for the webinar here.

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