Life And Business Lessons From 100 Fitness Entrepreneurs

I am currently 30,000 feet in the air coming back from my first trip across the pond. I was in London and Birmingham in the UK speaking to 100 of the world’s top fitness trainers at the Fitness Entrepreneur Bootcamp.

Greg Rollett Speaking at FEB2012 In Birmingham, UK

(on stage at Jon LeToc’s #FEB2012 in Birmingham, UK)

The event was incredible and I was fortunate to be able to help them create a product strategy to bring in new income to their businesses and help them stop trading time for money. A very important concept, especially for this crowd, where empty time slots means that money is not coming into the business.

One of the overarching themes from this weekend was that many of the speakers who were personal trainers and now were teachers and information marketers were very vocal about the fact that you have to be in a business where everyday you wake up with a fire in your eyes.

And it can’t just be about the money. The money is just there to support the lifestyle you wish to live.

It’s a concept I’ve talked about before in blog posts and articles, especially to my music crowd. Figure out your number and work backwards.

What is your cost of living? Housing? Cars? Food? Lifestyle? Travel?

Find that number. I can almost guarantee that it is lower than you are thinking.

Once you have that number, it’s time to work backwards. How many clients do you really need to have to live your ideal lifestyle? How many products do you need to sell?

Do you need to raise your prices? Do you need to add more products? More services?

Design What You Want From Life

In the past 3 months I have been on planes, in cars, buses, trains, boats, hotels, spare bedrooms, bed and breakfasts and more traveling both for business and for fun. That’s a part of the lifestyle that I really wanted for myself.

Creating Your Ideal Lifestyle

(the lovely wife and I on a recent boat trip in Islamorada)

I love being on or near a beach or in a new city. Discovering new foods, cultures and people. Thus the business I am creating and growing allows for this. It allows for the travel and creates the revenue to explore and grow.

It may not be what you want, but deep down you have things that make you tick, that make you, well, you.

Let’s try and find that today. Bring out your desires and think about how you can get there.

If you are trading time for dollars. how can you break out of that, or begin to turn the tide to less hours for dollars. Open up the freedom in your life. You are an expert and can leverage the things you know in ways that people will truly value.

Maybe that is through coaching, through information products, speaking or some other kind of educational marketing opportunity.

The 100x Value Multiplier

Fitness Entrepreneur Bootcamp Expert Panel

(the expert panel at #FEB2012 at Aston University in Birmingham UK)

Find the value in the things that you do. During one of the nights at the event, we held a round-table discussion with all of the speakers and one of the attendees asked what can one truly make in a year as a personal trainer. Dax Moy, an amazing trainer and marketer said how about $17,000 a week. That is the price he gets paid by his private clients to travel the world and train them for a week at a time.

Is his training 100x better than the trainer charing $17/hour? Maybe, maybe not. But he understand the value that he brings, the lifestyle that he wants and has positioned himself to get those kinds of numbers. That is putting everything I mentioned in this article into action.

Finding the value you want to provide to the world, creating a business that matches that value along with your lifestyle wishes and then going out and doing everything in your power to get it.

If information products or educational marketing is something you are thinking about to get you there, let’s talk. Click here to fill out a free, consultation request.

Let me know what your teams and goals are in the comments below.

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