New Video! Customer Recognition

A few weeks ago during our Celebrity Expert’s Marketing Academy, we held a Red Carpet Premiere of 2 movies that Nick Nanton produced and directed.

Before the crowd gathered to get their photos taken on the carpet, I asked Parker to turn on the camera and the mic so I could relay some very important messages that I learned that day while taking a behind the scenes tour of Disney World with the Disney Institute.

The message is all about recognizing people in your business. And not just customers, but recognizing employees as well. This is something we all need to do a better job at.

I talk to fitness entrepreneurs all the time about recognizing clients when they hit milestones in their workouts, or clients after their big event. I do my best to recognize great products from our clients and customers both here and on our Facebook page.

But we can go deeper. Think about this topic today and let me know how you recognize people in your business in the comments below.


P.S. That suit and tie is a long ways away from the standard black V-neck and jeans that I rock to the office every day! Sometimes it’s nice to get all fancy for your clients as well.

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