End Of The Year Wrap Up – Product Podcasts

Greg Rollett - Information Marketing Expert

This year I was very fortunate to have been interviewed by some amazing entrepreneurs to talk about products, information marketing and growing an information business.

As we start to wind down to the last days of the year, I wanted to share 4 of my favorites with you in case you missed them, or never knew about them. Most are available for direct download, or through iTunes (and cost you nothing).

Most of them cover more than most gurus put together in an entire course and give specific examples and case studies of creating products and making a living in the information marketing business.

Enjoy and let me know what you think of the episodes and interviews in the comments below:

Mixergy Interview with Andrew Warner – Have An Info Product, Here’s What’s Next

Foolish Adventure with Tim Conley – From Rapper To Info Product Entrpereneur

Optimized Man Podcast with Derek Johanson – Optimal Information Publishing

The Great Business Podcast with Ralph Quintero – All About Info Products


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