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My Release Plan Home Study Course

Today we are once again turning the spotlight onto fitness. In this product spotlight we are heading beyond the weights and the workouts, the food and the diets and getting into your mindset.

Deb Cheslow and Angie Flynn created My Release Plan, a 9-CD, DVD, Action Guide and more program, because, in their own words,

we were frustrated by the numbers of people we could reach with one-on-one or even group coaching, face-to-face. Systemizing the program into a physical product extends that reach exponentially! It allows us to reach millions of people instead of only hundreds or thousands. It also gave us a platform from which we can offer the system to corporations as a standalone or an add-on program in their corporate wellness arsenal.

That is an incredibly important lesson for you to take-away. Information based products allow you to share your ideas with a nearly unlimited amount of people that you can never get to one-on-one. And you don’t even need to be in the office when a sale comes in.

My Release Plan is a very unique product in that it has gone above and beyond just a set of CD’s and a manual. In fact, there is a Quick Start Guide, a Goal Card an Accountability Agreement to sign and a 90-day journal so you stay committed and motivated to complete the program and get the results you desire. I asked Deb about the reasons for creating such an in-depth program:

“We have been teaching the concepts that are contained in the My Release Plan program for over a decade and every single person we have personally “coached” has gotten great results, so we captured the system in a book, which quickly became a Best-Seller. However, we found that the book wasn’t enough to produce lasting behavior changes. My Release Plan is a system that builds in the discipline, accountability and standards. People learn in different ways, so we thought it important to include visual, audio and written components to cater to different learning styles. The program is definitely comprehensive – it has the “thud” factor. That is because we wanted to provide every single tool that we discussed in the program so there is no excuse for anything but success! Now every single person can benefit from a system that’s proven effective for over a decade, that is captured in a Best-Selling Book, and get the personal coaching that makes it all work. This is definitely NOT diet program #65,001!”

During the process, we went through book drafts, workbooks, a live workout filming in the office and a few sets of edits to the entire program. It has become a real work of art and once again, I’ll leave it to Deb to share what it was like to create the program with our team:

“Our strength lies in our unique system and our ability to convey the information and to connect personally with the participant. Although we COULD have figured out how to produce a product eventually, why should we reinvent the wheel? The ProductPros organization is simply OUTSTANDING at what they do – from technical know-how, to conceptualizing innovative ways to showcase our content, to designing the packaging and even fulfilling orders – their strength is producing information products that allow you to get your information out into the marketplace without having to physically be there. It is so rare to find a company that meets our own high standards and expectations. The ProductPros overdelivered in a huge way –they went above and beyond our expectations to help create our vision for this product, on a very short timeline and for a very reasonable fee. Greg and his team have a fantastic system that makes an information product doable for anyone.”

Well, thanks Deb! It helps when you have 2 subject matter experts that are truly passionate about helping people to change their lives and come out a better person than they were going in.

You can check out My Release Plan and get yourself on the path towards losing (or releasing as they put it) weight and feeling great this New Year by visiting and clicking on the Books and Products tab.

As you begin to think about the information that you have that will help people, I want you to think about how best you can get your customers to apply the information you are teaching them. It’s one thing to educate, it’s another to stimulate change in someone and that is exactly what Deb and Angie have been able to do in creating the My Release Plan training program.

To request your own free product consultation to see how you can turn your information into profits, contact Greg Rollett, the ProductPro, at or call 800.980.1626 today.

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