ProductProcast Episode 1: The Rise Of The ProductPro

Information Marketing Podcast with Greg RollettWelcome to the 1st episode of the ProductProcast. This show has been a long time coming and finally we have liftoff!

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The goal and purpose of the ProductProcast is to share my insights into the information business – from product creation, marketing, packaging your unique abilities and creating more freedom in your life, this is your backstage pass to the people, the places and the action that goes on in creating, developing, launching and running a successful information marketing business.

I thought for this first episode that I take you back through my journey as a white rapper in a rock band and how that transitioned into creating an online music marketing empire that featured online training programs, relationships and partnerships with the biggest names in the business, how I established expert status that literally came from nowhere and then leveraged that authority to create an online product suite that at one time included Clickbank products, a WordPress Theme, membership community and a high ticket back-end product that I sold and marketed from my bedroom.

You can see the New Music Economy product here, still for sale all these years later.

This industry has given me everything I could have imagined and more. From working with the top guys in the business to sitting in a Sky Box at the Grammy Awards and allowing my wife to stay home and take care of my amazing son without having to worry about how we were going to put food on the table.

And now I get to share my success with you. Both through the services we offer at the ProductPros, but also in this Podcast. I have always been someone who opens up and just tells it like it is, asks the hard hitting questions and delivers killer value.

What better way then by getting back behind the microphone, channel my inner Jay-Z hustle and give you great content, week in and week out.

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Enjoy my story and look out for the next few episodes featuring Andy Drish from the Foundation, Los Silva, traffic master Justin Brooke, lifestyle master Jon Le Tocq and more.

Now, go out, package your story and change someone’s life!


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