ProductProcast Episode 10 – Troy Broussard

Troy BroussardWow, episode 10 already! And this is a good one. In fact, we recorded it live in the ProductPros studio, together.

Troy is someone I met through another guest of the podcast, Seth Larabee at a dinner event here in Orlando. And after some quick convincing, I was able to get Troy over to the studio to record a really cool episode about creating a back end for your information business, networking and the power of charging premium fees.

Troy is a top information marketer who has had success growing several multi-million dollar businesses and now shares his advice as a coach at the high-end level. In this interview, Troy shares his best success tips on entrepreneurship and ROI. Don’t miss this exciting episode to take your business to the next level.

In this episode, you’ll gain inside info on how to:

  • Create opportunities for business and networking in order to grow your business
  • Establish yourself as an expert and, in turn, increase your ROI
  • Gain the most value out of every customer
  • Create a successful business that supports the lifestyle you desire

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P.S. I am off to Hollywood, CA for the 4th Annual Best-Seller’s Summit and Golden Gala Awards. Looking forward to meeting 200 or so Best-Selling Authors along with Jack Canfield, Tom Hopkins and Rudy – yes, that Rudy. Looking forward to sharing some insights on the show when I get back!

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