ProductProcast Episode 12 – The ProductPlus Model

Information Marketing Podcast with Greg RollettWelcome back to Episode 12 of the ProductProcast. After a few weeks off, I finally had a few minutes to jump into the booth and record an episode for you and it’s one of my favorites.

In fact, the message of this episode was going to be a new training program that I want to put together, but said to heck with that, let’s just talk about it on the mic and send it out to you! Sounds much better, right?

Anyway, the topic of Episode #12 is all about a new information marketing business model that I have been testing and have been testing with my clients over the past few months with incredible results. You see, I love information products and they are what started me in this business, ever since the New Music Economy.

But, having to continue to sell lower priced products to an abundance of clients again and again to hit income numbers is tough. That is why we have been creating a business based around higher ticket done-for-you services like the ProductPros and Celebrity Expert Marketing.

I call this new model, the ProductPlus Model.

And so, today I share with you this new thinking and how we have been applying it to our own businesses with smashing success.

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