ProductProcast Episode 14 – The Affiliate Solution

Information Marketing PodcastWelcome back to episode 14 of the ProductProcast. In this episode, I share my Grammy Awards weekend experience – including a surprise celebrity run-in. In this exciting episode, it’s really all about affiliate marketing. I am going to reveal the best strategies for not only gaining new affiliates and joint venture partners, but how to do this without even having to pay for them.

Learn all about guest blogging, how to research the most influential people in the industry and the best way of working with them – for free.

Newsletters, trade publications, and trade journals are especially underutilized today, and I will show you how to use these mediums to thrive and grow in your industry and niche.

Remember – you are in the content industry. You need to create content. If you don’t have content that you can keep creating over and over, you need to get that – or change your market, right?

You have to go out and seek that opportunity! How do you do this? Don’t wait for opportunity to find you – create these channels so YOU create the opportunity. It’s all about hard work.

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Update! After sending this episode out to the old email list, a friend from the music marketing business, Ben Sword, sent me this post he wrote that details guest blogging in detail and is required reading for anyone interested in using this strategy.

Click here to read it now.

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