ProductProcast Episode 15 – Dr. Rick Kattouf

Information Marketing PodcastWelcome back to episode 15 of the ProductProcast. In this episode, I  team up with nutrition and fitness expert, Dr. Rick Kattouf and discuss how to develop and build an efficient coaching business. Rick is the best-selling author of “The Secret to Winning Big” with Brian Tracy, founder of Team Kattouf Nutrition Supplements & creator of Coach 2 CEO. Dr. Rick is known for his triathlon and ironman coaching… but he’s known for doing all of it virtually. So – how does he do it?

The online coaching world opens up the ability to help manage clients lifestyle and training 24/7!

“Coaching is a collaboration. Its two individuals – client and coach coming together. Great communication by both parties; the understanding of what the client is looking for and great listening skills by the coach to implement the right plan for the client. But here’s the collaboration – the client has to do their 110% and bring their energy and focus to the table!”

Dr. Rick explains how to monetize your online coaching business while efficiently managing your time. So, what’s his secret?

Never. Setting. Limits.

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P.S. Here is a sneak peek at Rick’s new product, Coach2CEO that I helped him put together. If you are a coach in any business, I advise checking it out.

Coaching Product For Coaches

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