ProductProcast Episode 16 – Organizing Your Input

Information Marketing PodcastWelcome back! In episode 16 of the ProductProcast, we’re going to talk about organizing our input. It’s all about the concept of generating enough content to have enough output.

As Dan Kennedy says, “Without input, you cannot have output.” Well, I’m going to show you where to find input, both through print and online, and how to keep it all organized with some amazing tools.

We are in the content business. Remember that. As an expert, people want content from you and they want more.. and more… and MORE. You want to control a spot in their brain. To do that, you need new stuff even if it’s wrapped around the same schtick.

I’m also going to share some exciting news with you – my new radio show, tentatively titled The Rollett Report, is premiering March 5th on Orlando 102.5FM, 540AM & iHeartRadio – I will be able to show you behind the scenes: How it’s working and the offers we are putting together… so stay tuned!

Takeaways from this episode:

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