ProductProcast Episode 18 – Radio Sales Funnel

Information Marketing PodcastWelcome back to episode 18 of The ProductProcast! I’m over in Cleveland for the Dan Kennedy Titanium Mastermind and want to give you an inside scoop at my new radio show on FM WFLA 102.5 Orlando – how I landed in the studio; how it works, and most importantly – how I create a sales funnel out of it.

In this behind-the-scenes episode, I want to give you guys an exclusive look at how my funnel sequence works. So grab your laptop, tablet, pen and paper, and get ready to write down some bullet points that could boost profits for your business.

I’m going to explain my Welcome Packages, Shock and Awe Boxes, and something that I offer for free to all the listeners of my radio show. It’s called the Ultimate Celebrity Expert Marketing Package, and you can get one too by heading over to

  • If you are for looking for help to put together these types of offers for your business, send an email to can talk one on one about making this happen for you!
  • Tune in to Orlando’s FM 102.5 WFLA every Wednesday following Dave Ramsey at 6PM EST, or tune in worldwide on IheartRadio to listen the The Rollett Report!

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