ProductProcast Episode 19 – How To Get Started

Information Marketing PodcastWelcome to episode 19 of The ProductProcast! Today I’m having a discussion with our own in-house Production Coordinator, Dan Perichino, about where to get started in your own information product business. I know we talk a lot about what to do with these products, how to market them and how to be seen as the top celebrity expert in everyone’s’ marketplace, but we’ve never really covered how to start your own information product!

So, how do you start? How do you come up with a solid idea? Once you have that idea, how do you know it will sell? What kinds of actionable steps can you take to get the ball rolling on your product? Dan and I will answer these questions and share our experiences while making not only products for our clients, but our own here at The ProductPros.

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People In This Episode:

  • Greg Rollett
  • Dan Perichino

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