ProductProCast Episode 2: Andy Drish

Andy DrishIn Episode 2 of the ProductProCast I am excited to bring on one of my good friends in this business, Andy Drish of the Foundation.

Along with Dane Maxwell, they have created one of the most engaged and successful coaching and information businesses in the world. Their track record speaks for itself.

What many don’t know is that Andy and I actually started out as 9-5’ers in an “angry Gen-Y” blogging community before finding this information business model that keeps the lights on for us these days.

In this episode I wanted to talk to Andy about a few key things in your information business:

  1. How to take care of your customers after you make the sale. So many information businesses sell hard on the front end and never truly take care of their customers the way they should that will allow them to get the results they desire. Andy and Dane have done an incredible job of creating a system to ensure the success of their students.
  2. What to do when stuff hits the fan. Launches are great. They are sexy and have the ability to bring in a lot of traffic, leads and customers. But they do not go down without a few hiccups here and there. Andy shares how to cope with potential disaster and turn it into a long-term positive for their members.
  3. We talk about creating and establishing a personality driven business. A year ago, no one knew who Dan Maxwell was. Now he is a friggin rock star and so is Andy. How did they use their personalities to become Celebrities in their market? Listen to find out…
  4. Good ol Frank Kern – we trade war stories about studying Mass Control and the impact it has made on us as marketers.

And so much more!

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To learn more about Andy and the Foundation, head on over and watch what might be the best launch video ever created (hear how it was created in the episode!).

And if you need help in creating your flagship product or need someone to create your information business for you, give me a shout anytime, by emailing

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