ProductProcast Episode 3 – Los Silva

Los SilvaWelcome to Episode 3 of the ProductProcast. Before we begin I want to thank everyone for their comments and feedback on the first 2 episodes. It is truly humbling to thing that I can talk into a computer and impact so many people.

I know it’s what I teach here on a daily basis, but everyday I get to do the things I love with the people I love.

Today in episode 3 I get to bring in a friend that just might become a regular on the show – Los Silva. We live just a few blocks away and both get to work behind the scenes with the biggest names in the business. ┬áThe cool thing about being behind the scenes is seeing what really goes down behind closed doors when the cameras and emails are off.

If you know me I am far from perfect and do my best to be 100% transparent. Sometimes in this business we tend to only show the good and not the bad and the ugly – and trust me, there are a lot of times we are thankful the camera is off.

Lucky for you, the microphone was on for this episode of the ProductProcast. In it, Los and I talk about generating a back-end that extends beyond your product. It’s one thing to sell a few products and get some customers. It’s a completely different ball game to have a real, legit, long-term information business that is predictable and scalable.

In this episode we give you some ideas to go beyond the product and start to develop that complete information business that allows you to live an optimal and freeing lifestyle.

Check out the episode below or on iTunes here.

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