ProductProcast Episode 4 – Seth Larrabee

4 episodes in the bag already and we are just getting started.

Seth LarrabeeThis episode is all about relationships. When I talk to clients the number one resource I tell them to get started in creating is relationships with key influencers in their market. This is the fastest and most profitable route to success in the information business.

Long-term I believe you need to be able to generate your own traffic and sales through advertising, but when getting your first product to market, there is no better way than with other people’s audiences.

I brought Seth Larrabee onto this episode to share with everyone how he literally came from out of nowhere to cultivating relationships and getting on the radar of every major player in the online marketing space. This has allowed him to create products and a coaching program that has not just changed Seth’s life, but the lives of those he impacts through his teaching.

Seth and I have cultivated a great relationship that has gone from Facebook to live events to grabbing dinner and drinks in his hometown of Delray Beach – real proof that this stuff works.

In this episode you will learn exactly how to cultivate real relationships and how to build a business based around finding a need in your market and then solving that need. This is the power of the information world and Seth is a great guy to help you get there.

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