ProductProcast Episode 9 – The Kajabi Guys

Join us this week on The ProductProCast as Greg talks to 2 of the most lively developers and designers in all of information marketing – Kenny Rueter and Travis Rosser, the co-founders of Kajabi. For those unfamiliar with Kajabi, it is an incredible all in 1 platform to host your launch pages, sales pages, squeeze pages and even the content delivery of your information product.

Kajabi has become the de-facto standard for anyone wanting to quickly and painlessly post content online and charge for access to it. Through the process of building a tool that solved a problem that they themselves had, Travis and Kenny have built a service that helps the masses monetize their knowledge….and they are just getting started.

In this episode, you’ll gain inside info on how to:

  • Make your product and site look appealing so it attracts the right kind of customer, decreases refunds and deliverers an incredible customer experience
  • How to take the offline unwrapping process offline
  • How to make a launch work from a technical standpoint
  • The 2 aspects of the sale of your product – the marketing and sales side and the delivery side
  • An inside look at how Kajabi was created and what they are up to next….
  • A special story about their most exciting moment since launching Kajabi
  • And so much more!

You can check out Kajabi here now.

——> Click here to download this Episode on iTunes now.

Be sure to leave us a review and let Kenny & Travis know how what you think about Kajabi and the information they have shared with you today.


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