Reason #2 To NOT Release An Info Product

Yesterday we talked about building a tribe, or an audience which you can lead to a better lifestyle or business. It is the first, and most necessary step before creating a product to sell to that audience.

Now, there are ways to avoid this – like buying traffic, placing ads in magazines or doing direct mail. However, the truth is that even in buying traffic you need to lead them and be the expert that is there for them beyond just a product they came to your website that they buy.

Once you have begun to establish your audience, it’s time to jump into the 2nd major reason that you are NOT ready to create and release your information product!

#2: You don’t solve an actual problem that the market has.

Once you have developed or determined what your skills are and what your story is, you need to apply that to a real problem that your market has. Just because you have a magical 6-step process for leadership doesn’t mean that anyone wants it or needs it.

In order for someone to pull out their wallet and their credit card after looking at your sales page, you need to create an emotional reason for them to buy your product now. What itch do they have that you can solve.

We talk a lot in our own products and in our product consultations about Frameworks. For your purposes today, I want you to think about two things: A and B.

A is where you prospect is today and the problem that they currently have.
B is where they want to go after the problem is solved.

Today I want you to focus on the A and the A only.

For example: I don’t need a leadership product, because I do not think I have a leadership problem. What I do have is staff that keeps leaving me and I keep having to hire new people.

How can you take that example and solve his problem.

My product helps entrepreneurs to stop the revolving door of hiring employees that don’t stick and helps you to become the go-to person that everyone in your market wants to work for so you never have to worry about hiring again!

That’s what I am talking about!

What is the problem that your market has and what problem do you solve. Have a definitive solution that your problem delivers.

Make it tangible.

In weight loss, tell me that I will have 6-Pack Abs after going through your product, not just “look better” or experience “some weight loss.”

For many this is a difficult thing to think about. We all have great ideas for products, but if that product doesn’t solve a tangible need in the market, it is once again just going to sit on the shelf and look great, but not help anyone (including your bank account).

So here’s what I want you to do today. I want to know what problem you solve in your market. Go ahead and leave a comment below and I will help you personally to address this second point.

And then, check back in a day or 2, for part 3 to complete the full picture to save you some aggravating times before you release your product.

-Greg “Mr Go Out And Solve A Problem” Rollett

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