Talking Products On Optimized Man Podcast

Today Greg was featured on the Optimized Man Podcast talking about products and information publishing. The show is hosted by Derek Jonanson from

In the episode, Greg gave some great advice on:

  • A 4-step webinar system (that’s seriously easy to use) that can help you get a product up and onto the market relatively fast.
  • The mechanics of why info products are great from producing ‘passive income’. (And even if it’s not passive (because nothing truly is), it’s still a great way to free yourself from a location dependent job).
  • The ideal info products to go after and how to narrow a niche so you can dominate.
  • And a ton more!

You can listen to or download the full episode here.

After you listen, head over to the ProductPros Facebook Page and let us know one thing that you learned from the episode.

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