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This past week, the Celebrity Branding Agency hosted 25 top entrepreneurs from around the country to film a new season of America’s Premiere Experts. I always love going to these events to see and meet the ambitious entrepreneurs that go through the program. The vast backgrounds, success stories and lifestyles always make for great bar conversations.

At these events, everyone is trying to become the Celebrity Expert in their niche or industry and are looking to use big media, marketing and PR strategies to get there. When I got to talk to them this weekend, I wanted to give them some high level actionable content on how to create “valuable information.”

During the talk, I got into why people, customers, clients and prospects like experts, or gurus or niche celebrities.

The reason: we solve problems.

The person who is the expert is the one who people come to when they have a problem and need a resource, a product, a service, an answer or some kind of solution to get rid of the pain they are having in their life.

The expert is the person who is the most valuable person that is known to have, or provide that solution.

At the end of that day, that is the business you are in. You are in the problem solving business. Dog trainers solve dog behavior problems. Consultants and coaches solve business problems. Realtors solve the “I need to sell my home fast” problem. Doctors solve the “what is that bump” problem.

But being the best at solving the problem isn’t your only role in business. Marketing the fact that you are the best solution is the other vital step. You need chops and you need to market those chops. Combine the two and that is your key to being more successful in your business.

As an information publisher, or an info product creator or an educational provider, your goal is no different. Your job is to create products that solve problems, position your program as the expert solution and then market it to any and everyone that has that problem.

So as you think about your next product, think about why someone would call you the expert. Thing about the core problem that you solve. Then go about building your framework and recording your videos or audios.

Remember – you are in the business of problem solving through information. Don’t forget it.

What problem do you solve? Leave your answer in the comments below.

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