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Building an information product or starting an information product business is the fastest way to achieving everything you want in your life, by helping others to get what they want in their own life. I know because it’s given me everything that I have today and through the years I’ve been able to affect thousands upon thousands of people through my books, trainings, courses, reports, videos, coaching calls and live events.

And now I get to help the top experts in the world to do the same – from Brian Tracy and Michael Gerber, to Tom Hopkins and hundreds of experts that have incredible stories and have led epic lives.

Today, I want to help you on your journey to do the same. You see, here at the ProductPros, we have helped hundreds of experts just like you to take their ideas, their expertise and their stories and turn them into highly valuable and profitable information products. For others we have built entire information businesses that include information products, high level coaching programs, memberships and even mastermind groups.

Below are a list of our most popular services to get you started on your own journey to creating your own Celebrity Expert Business. If you have any questions about our programs, or would like to discuss how I can help you to develop your information product or business, please email me directly at or call one of our Product Agents at 800.980.1626.

The Ultimate ProductPro Experience

The New Music Economy was the first information product where everything finally clicked for me. And it’s the reason why it still continues to sell 5 years later.

I want to put you through the exact same system and do it all with you!

The Ultimate ProductPros Experience is a year long product creation and coaching program that is designed to create and launch your own Celebrity Expert Product Business. It starts by outlining your goals, your info business blueprint and defining your Flagship Product.

Then we will script out and outline your Flagship product together and go through a production sequence to get you ready to record your product in front of the camera.

Then you will come down to the ProductPros studios in Orlando and record your product in a full-HD video shoot, the whole time getting coaching and guidance from me and my team.

While you are down in Orlando, I will also be working with you, 1-on-1 to develop your marketing plan for your Flagship product. This includes sales strategy, copy, marketing plan, distribution, finding affiliates and partners and how to turn this product into the start of your information empire.

After you leave Orlando we will finish editing and creating your product from start to finish and jump on monthly coaching calls to give you the implementation steps and accountability you need to start your information business.

This small bit of copy does not do this experience justice and the benefits of this program are simply too long to write on this page. I will let you know that the investment into this program is 12 monthly payments of $997.

If this sounds like a program you want to know more about, I want to have a personal 15-minute consultation with you. Shoot me a message with the subject line of “ProductPros Experience” and I will get back to you within 24 hours to schedule a consultation with you.

Have Us Create Your Custom Info Product

Many of our clients come to us with an idea or a dream. Our job is to bring this dream to life. In this program I work directly with you to outline your information product, taking your idea and fleshing it out into something that not only tells your story, but is created into a system that can be packaged and sold to others.

These custom products can be video or audio training products, and always include our complete ProductPros System – custom manuals and Action Guides, design, digital and physical versions of your product as well as distribution and fulfillment.

Here is a quick video that goes through some of our recent custom products:

It’s also how Christopher Music and John Leonetti launched their new training program – The Results Based Exit Plan. Both Christopher and John work with entrepreneurs that are getting ready to transition out of their business and wanted to help give them a system to profitably and efficiently exit and sell their business.

For the program, I took their ideas and created the outline and interviewed each of them, creating the core of the audio program. Once we recorded the interviews, my team edited down everything, created the manuals, action guide, product graphics and got their product ready to sell to their group of private practice owners. They are now ordering their product 100 copies at a time and building their information business every day.

These custom products start at just $2,985.

To take your ideas and let me turn them into a custom product, simply setup a consultation with our Product Agents by calling 800.980.1626 or emailing

Let Us Turn Your Book Into A Product

All experts should have a book. It helps to solidify your positing and is a physical display of your expertise. The problem with a book is that while they are great for positioning and building your audience, a book alone won’t create your Celebrity Expert Business.

What Celebrity Experts understand is that selling books does not creating the fortune. Having a book does. And using that book to build a backend business is the true secret in a Celebrity Expert business.

Here at the ProductPros, we have developed a unique way to turn your book into a complete information product. This is what we have done for Best-Selling Author Dr. Ken Odiwe. In his book, the New American Millionaires, Dr Ken shares 11 traits that these New American Millionaires possess.

We took these 11 traits, along with an introduction to the concept and created a 12 CD program that goes beyond the book and helps his customers to become New American Millionaires themselves and gives Dr. Ken an incredible product to sell to his book readers.

If you have a book, I want to help you take your work of art and build a product around the concepts and principles you have spent time, money and effort creating. And then show you some incredibly powerful marketing strategies for using your book to sell your new information product, creating the ultimate win-win situation for you.

To see how we can take your book and turn it into a product just like we did for Dr. Ken, send us a message at or talk to one of our Product Agents at 800.980.1626.

Co-Author A Product With A Legend

It’s hard being unknown in a marketplace. Especially when you are competing with gurus and experts that have been doing this for years. For this, we knew we needed to create a fast track to give you the credibility and trust of these experts that are in your market.

We now have 3 incredible opportunities for you to co-author your own 6-module information product with a legend in the business and personal development markets. Through our exclusive licensing agreements and relationships you can now create a product with Brian Tracy, Michael Gerber and/or Tom Hopkins.

We have recorded 3 brand new audio modules with each of these legends and we are now looking for experts like you to create 3 additional modules that compliment their material.

This is what we have done for real estate expert Al Stasek, whose program, Win From The Start with Tom Hopkins has been an incredible fast-track product to put him at the forefront of the real estate training market. We took the 3 modules we recorded with Tom and outlined 3 new modules for Al, recorded them, edited them and added them into the final product – that also includes custom graphics, a manual and Action Guide.

Even better than all the work we do to create this Legends Product with you is the investment. For only 6 payments of $495, you can go through the entire process and create a big name for yourself in your market.

For more information on our Legends Program, and to apply for this program today, please click here.

Done For You Membership Site Content Creation

One of the perks of information marketing is that your best customers want to give you money if you keep providing them with great information. And the holy grail of any business is creating residual or continuity income – where you have clients and customers paying you every month.

For this, we have developed 6 month and 12-month done for you membership content programs – where we create the content for your membership programs.

For our client Dr. K, he wanted a place to share his health information on a monthly basis. So we developed 6 months of content to create his membership site. This included audio trainings, workbooks and resources that his members can access every month in their membership site.

To see how we can create your membership content for you, talk to one of our Product Agents at 800.980.1626 or email me at

The Info Society Info Business Coaching

One of the best ways to grow your information business is to have someone who has been there, going through what you are going through to give you specific direction, instructions and strategies to get more clients and grow your business. And that is exactly what the Info Society is all about.

Every month you get to work with me, 1-on-1 and tap into the knowledge I have build from creating and running my own information business to the knowledge of the 100’s of clients that I have now worked with developing their products and businesses.

This is the ultimate way to bypass the hardships and pitfalls that stop many would be Celebrity Experts and fast track your success in the information and expert business. From product creation to building your back-end services and coaching to finding affiliates and joint ventures, advertising, sales copy, marketing funnels and building a 6 and 7 figure information business, the Info Society is the premiere information business coaching program used by the most ambitious information marketers in the world.

Enrollment into The Info Society is by application and interview only to ensure the program will be successful for both of us.

To request an application and interview, please email me directly at


Think you have what it takes to create your own products? Then let us show you our process.

InfoProductPro is our elite product creation training program that walks you through our exact process so you can do it on your own, at your own pace. Comprised of 4 video modules, I personally show you how to find your audience, do market research, create your product framework, product outline, how to record, edit, package, design and launch your own information product.

For more information and to see a peak inside InfoProductPro, click here now.

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